25 Truths for My 25 Year Old Self

Here's a list of twenty five lessons I've learned that I wish I would have known at 25.

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Have you ever struggled to tell someone something because you didn't want to be the mean or 'judge-y' friend?​​

I feel you.  I've been there. 

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Yes, the Bible is predominately written by men, but don’t think women lacked meaningful contributions. Here are my top 5 favorite biblical lines by women.

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I don't usually celebrate Women's History Month. It's not that I don't know or recognize the contributions of women- after all I am a woman. However, this year, I think the month is a bit more meaningful.


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I'm Not One to Gossip, But... I Heard The Email List is Lit!


What You Need to Know Before Cutting Someone Off

It's a lot of people out here apologizing, but ain't nobody out here forgiving.  Know the difference.

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There is something worse than dirty nails and being late. I'm dropping the deets.

Girl, have several seats!  It's ok to sit down and relax. #DeathToGrindCulture

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Sometimes I can be petty- like really petty.  I can get in my feelings and stay there.

So many people struggle with being honest with the Lord.  But you need to keep it real.

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