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What You Need to Know Before Cutting Someone Off

Cutting someone off is not the same as forgiving them.

Bam! That’s it. That’s what you need to know.

I could just end right there, but it would be a disservice to the abandoned yet necessary topic of forgiveness. Gone are the days where we seek or offer forgiveness. We are in a much more self absorbed time- a time where pettiness is glorified, canceling celebrities is the norm, and cutting people off is a rite of passage.

Point blank- it's a lot of people out here apologizing, but ain't nobody forgiving.

Society teaches us that we don’t need to forgive others. We just need to cut people off and move on with our lives. We’re told we need to eliminate toxic people from our lives, get rid of their bad energy, and not let them kill our vibe. We’re encouraged to forget the offense or forget the person by replacing them with something or someone else. Yet, none of these nuggets of advice address the hard heart work involved in truly moving forward and that entails forgiveness.