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I wrote a book just for you- the girl who loves shuffling through the pages of Vogue, reading the current events in Essence, and taking advice from the articles in Cosmopolitan. 


You can tell me any and everything about sex, fashion, beauty, and relationships- according to the world.  I want to tell you about those things according to the Word of God.

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All the Deets...

I write...a lot...about different things.  Most times it's about Jesus and how dope he is.  Other times it's about life and love.  In either case, welcome to my digital notepad.

Download a Bible Study

Learn more about the principles of the Bible by downloading one of the studies.  Each study has a distinct theme throughout and questions to help you reflect.  Featured studies include Identity, Dream, Unpopular, and Evangelism 101.


Word on the Street


We asked some pretty amazing people what they thought about the book.  Check our what they said.  Full length endorsements can be found in each book.




Torrie Chatman

Vol. I


Founder of BeLoved & Author of Bruised But Not Broken


"Be prepared to be challenged, enlightened, renewed, and have an awareness of how even worldly titles and phrases can be used to make Jesus famous!"

"You'll find this book liberating and inspiring, written in an engaging voice...[It] is one of those rare books with a compelling spiritual message and the direct style of writing coupled with Marletha's honesty, makes it irresistible."


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Join a Book Club

Do you have the book, but don't want to read it alone?  Join a book club to read it with others.  You'll read it at a speed that works for you and simultaneously meet new people.  #WinWin 


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