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Keeping It Real with God

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Being honest with God is so important. Yet it’s something that so many people struggle with. Insert Habakkuk. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite books of the Bible. Let me tell you why.

▪️ It’s short

▪️ It’s real talk/relatable

▪️ It’s short...I mean poetic

There’s this dude named Habakkuk. Ok let me put some respeck on his name. He’s a prophet. So Prophet Habakkuk lived during a time where there was violence, injustice, & corrupt and irresponsible leadership (let that marinate). Anyway he point blank asked God- what’s up?

Habakkuk was a minor prophet with a major impact.

Now, I’m going to paraphrase but you can (and should) read the poetic way Habakkuk said it yourself: How long do I have to keep praying and you don’t respond? How many times do I have to pour out my heart and nothing changes? Why do you allow all this bad stuff to happen on your clock? Why are all these bad people winning in life? Me: mind blown 🤯 I grew up learning you don’t evah (yes- evah)