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The Biggest Turn Off in a Man & What I Learned From It

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Recently someone asked me- “Mar, what do you think is the biggest turn off in a man?”


Without question, arrogance is the worst- at least to me. It’s worse than dirty nails and being late. Ughh...

And for some reason when I think of arrogant men, I think of Haman in the Bible (Esther 3-7). Haman was a dude who we would consider had it all together. He had wealth, power, and prestige, but he craved something his money couldn’t buy- respect. Most people who know or have read the biblical account of Haman, say he got what he deserved or what goes around comes around. To a certain extent, I’d agree, but I also have to wonder how much of Haman can be found in my life? It’s easy to read about the loser people in the Bible and convince ourselves that we have nothing in common with those people; that we’d never do the things they did, but often times we do share commonalities.

So as a maturing Christian, I have to consider- what can I learn from Haman? What can his life teach me? What part of my life mirrors his?

On the surface Haman was arrogant, but if you look deeper he was kind of like us today. He craved attention, applause, recognition, validation...and respect. He wanted to be an influencer.

Here Are the Keys:

🔑 Don’t let your desire for approval, applause, and popularity drive your actions.

🔑 What you value will be apparent in what you say.

🔑 It’s better to be fruitful than famous.

🔑 If you attach your significance to status, you will be disappointed every time there are no likes, applause, or impressive analytics.

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