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You Got Served: Wisdom from a Servant Leader

I took some time to speak with one of my favs- Kirstin Bolt about servant leadership. As expected, she provided great wisdom.

What Would You Say to Someone Who Wants to be Active & Physically Serve, but Feels Bad Because They're Not Able To?

The Lord knows your heart and your desire to love others pleases Him! Let's celebrate that way you're showing up to the world to be a light in the darkness!

But practically, there are two steps we can all take to seek the Kingdom of God:

1.) Something I'm learning is how to practically, consistently, and faithfully ask the Lord into my days. I'm reminded of Nehemiah one of the greatest leaders in our history, who prayed without ceasing asking the Lord to impart wisdom and strengthen his hands. Much more than Nehemiah had, we have the spirit of a living God dwelling inside of us!! That's right, the same power that rose Jesus from the grave lives within you!! Be still and ask the Holy Spirit to establish the work of your hands. Pray: