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Is Covid Highlighting Your Lack of Discipline or Ineffective Prioritizing?

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

You've read every CDC report.

You've seen every article about celebrities being tired of their kids.

You've listened to every podcast on you playlist.

You've binge watched every docuseries on Netflix.

You've participated in every social media challenge.

You've done all these things, but you haven't read your Bible once. All I'm saying is if you have time to do those things, you can pray and read your Bible for 20 minutes.

Sometimes it's not that we need more time in the day. It's that we need to prioritize better. For some people that may mean waking up earlier, limiting time on social media, or setting the do not disturb feature on your phone.

Spending time with the Lord is a choice. It requires conscious effort. If you want to do it- you just gotta do it. #Okurr

Here's How

  • Be Intentional. Be deliberate. [Make a plan. Set an alarm on your phone.]

  • Start Small. [Pick a short study plan or allot a short time frame. It will increase gradually.]

  • Get Some Help. [Join a group.]

  • Know That a Failed Attempt is Not the End. [It means you tried. Now you know what doesn't work and can adjust. ]

Now let's agree that we'll stop using our poor time management skills or lack of discipline as crutches/excuses for not reading the Bible. Deal? C'mon, don't make this awkward. Ok, deal!

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