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I Slay. You Slay. We Slay. Project Slay

In 2019 I partnered with an amazing DMV organization called Project Slay. They distribute prom dresses and other supplies to high students who may not otherwise be able to attend prom. They provide a complete experience with hair stylists (both professional and students) and make up artists for participants.

The visionary and founder Janay Dixon and I talked a little bit about service.

Why is Serving Others So Important to You?

I believe serving others is so important because God made us with a purpose.

This life is not our own and serving others grows the kingdom.

But it also stretches us to grow spiritually in that serving is a selfless act that serves God.

What is the Greatest Lesson You've Learned from Serving Others?

The greatest lesson I’ve learned from serving others is that you never know who's watching or who you’re impacting when God tells you to serve. Serving is contagious, the light on the inside draws people in. The prom dress drive we hosted last year was so impactful that a group of men stepped up and took a few male students out to buy suits. Men who I've never met, decided to be the change and impact young men.

Who (if anyone) Has Inspired You to Serve?

I would say the younger generation and my family inspires me to serve because I know I’m here to be a living example for them. I remember not having someone that I could relate to in this walk with Christ when I was younger.

I'm glad to be the change I wanted to see.

And we have to leave this earth better off then when we found it. They inspire me to create a legacy that breaks any generational curses and starts generational blessings.

Find Janay: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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