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Fix It Jesus: How to Deal with the Disappointment of Friends

Updated: Oct 7, 2021


When we think of failed expectations in relationships we often consider familial or romantic interactions, not giving much thought to the significance of friendships. Yet, the reality is that being let down by a close friend can be just as impactful as from a relative or spouse. We see this vividly in the life of Jesus.

In Matthew 26:36-46 Jesus was preparing for the cross and the events leading up to it. He took Peter, John, and James with him to the Garden of Gethsemane. There, he confided in and sought comfort from his friends. In return they slept. Scripture doesn't mention them praying or offering comforting words. It doesn't include any hugs exchanged or questions asked to better understand Jesus' feelings. the Bible says they slept and continued to sleep. Can you imagine- needing your friends; longing for their support and they fall asleep? Though Jesus never mentions being disappointed by these three, his responses then inadvertently teaches us how to deal with disappointment from friends today.