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2020 Was a Trifling Hoe...But

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Can we just admit that 2020 was quite a year? For many it was a tumultuous year filled with challenges, set backs, and disappointments. For others it was a year of tremendous success.

As comedian Phoebe Robinson put it- 2020 was a trifling hoe. And if I can be honest, if I had to attribute human characteristics to a year, I would agree.

2020 was indeed a trifling hoe, but isn't there something about hoes that we all love?

2020 was filled with more racial tension than usual, a global pandemic, natural disasters and so much more. And while none of those things are ideal, they did challenge us to change; to grow; to evolve; to think differently about the world in which we live.

Last year gave each one of us a unique testimony. Whether good or bad; sorrowful or joyful, we made it to a new year with a story. My encouragement for you is to consider that testimony. Share all the ways 2020 was uncomfortable, disagreeable, disrespectful, and unforgiving, but also share the ways in which God helped you overcome, thrive, and move forward.

Remember- if your testimony only focuses on the bad that leaves little room to mention the good. It provides little space to praise God for at the very least, allowing you to make it through the year.

Sure 2020 was a trifling hoe, BUT with God we survived.

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